Who is Emmett Shear Wife?

Emmett Shear Wife

Shear cherishes his privacy in his personal life, but occasionally reveals moments of happiness.

Such as the exciting news of his baby boy's expected arrival in early 2023.

Emmett Shear Career Life

In the year 2005, Shear and Kan, who were both seniors, submitted their application to Y Combinator's first-ever class.

During their time at Y Combinator, they developed the calendar application Kiko. After Google Calendar was launched, they sold it on eBay for $250,000.

Emmett Shear Net worth 

After Google Calendar was introduced, they developed a calendar app and sold it on eBay for $2,50,000.

Is Shear The CEO of Twitch?

He was the chief executive officer of Twitch until March 2023.

Where did Emmett Shear go to College?

Yale University

Who is CEO of OpenAI?

Emmett Shear

Emmett Shear The Rise of Twitch

In 2011, Emmett Shear and his team converted gaming content from Justin.tv into the platform we recognize today as Twitch.