Barry Sanders Kids: Discover The Progeny of an NFL Icon!

Barry James

Barry James, who played as a running back for the Stanford Cardinal football team

Decided to continue his family legacy by pursuing a career in football, just like his father did.

Nick, in a departure from convention, discovered his true calling on the basketball court

Nick Sanders

Currently embodies the spirit of Michigan State with immense pride, proudly wearing the iconic number 20 jersey.

Nigel, driven by his boundless creativity, embarked on a journey into the realm of music production after his time.

Nigel Sanders

Howard University. His artistic endeavors reverberate through various platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

Noah, the youngest member of the Sanders family, upholds the family's football legacy by excelling.

Noah Sanders

As a running back on the field during his high school years.

Even after his successful career in the NFL, Barry Sanders still holds a net worth of $8 million.

Barry Sanders Net Worth?

Proving his financial prowess beyond the football field.