Selling Sunset Season 7 Cast: Tan France Presents An Exciting Competition of Hidden Truths And Unexpected Twists!

The excitement ramps up on TV as the Selling Sunset reunion kicks off, led by Tan France from Queer Eye. His introduction tries to keep things light but immediately dives into playful banter.

Teasing Emma Hernan about an unconventional wedding attire and quizzing Chrishell Stause about her married life.

The reunion of Selling Sunset wastes no time in getting started on TV, following a tumultuous seventh season. Tan France, a member of the Queer Eye cast.

Selling Sunset Season 7 Cast

Returns as the host and attempts to kick off the introductions on a positive note. He teases Emma Hernan about officiating a wedding in an all-denim bikini.

Inquires about Chrishell Stause’s married life, and makes jokes about Jason Oppenheim’s unusual habit of applying baby powder to a rather private area in front of the entire cast.

Selling Sunset Season 7 Cast

Tan then turns to “Baby Mama Drama” Bre Tiesi and asks about her season-ending scene, in which she dramatically leaves the office reveal party.

Ostensibly quitting the show, and revealing the first bit of gossip. Bre responds to Tan’s joke, “Are we back at the O-group now?”

with a sultry vocal fry that suggests, “Mmm, that’s undecided.” Tan is so taken aback that his mouth drops open. This is just one of many revealing scenes from the highly popular Netflix reality series’ reunion.

All The Familiar Faces Return For Selling Sunset Season 7

Romain Bonnet

Known as the supportive partner of Mary Fitzgerald Bonnet, Romain steps into a new role as The Oppenheim Group’s trusted project manager.

Romain Bonnet

Beyond his modeling days, Romain showcases his diverse skills by handling the group’s projects, a fact revealed by Mary in an interview. If you want more like this then check out Is The Cleaning Lady Season 4.

Chelsea Lazkani

Joining in Season 5, Chelsea, a British-Nigerian real estate agent, leaves a significant mark with over $10 million in sales in her debut year. Season 7 promises the glitz of Chelsea’s masquerade-themed 30th birthday bash, adding glamour to the mix.

Chelsea Lazkani

Jason Oppenheim

In Season 7, Jason, the president and founder of The Oppenheim Group, encounters new obstacles. His relationships with former partners Chrishell Stause and Marie-Lou Nurk add an extra element of excitement to the season.

Jason Oppenheim

Chrishell Stause

A seasoned agent at The Oppenheim Group, Chrishell is exploring new paths beyond real estate in Season 7. Her relationships and conflicts continue to captivate viewers, keeping them engaged throughout the season.

Chrishell Stause

Nicole Young

Nicole’s dominance in the real estate industry is evident with her impressive sales of over $100 million. In Season 7, viewers can expect intense confrontations involving Nicole, such as heated arguments with Chrishell Stause and a fresh feud with Emma Hernan.

Nicole Young

Emma Hernan

Season 4 introduces Emma, a former model turned real estate agent at The Oppenheim Group.Emma is caught up in a dramatic situation as she clashes with Nicole Young, who has accused her of being a “social climber.”

Mary Fitzgerald Bonnet

Mary, the Vice President of The Oppenheim Group and Romain Bonnet’s spouse, shares her emotional journey in Season 7, where she talks about her miscarriage experience, adding more depth to the series.

Mary Fitzgerald Bonnet

Bre Tiesi

Introduced in Season 6, Bre, a real estate agent with a background at Keller Williams Beverly Hills and a child with Nick Cannon, sparks conflicts with fellow realtor Cassandra Dawn, leaving fans wondering about her future at The Oppenheim Group.

Bre Tiesi

Brett Oppenheim

Brett, the head honcho of Oppenheim Real Estate, still collaborates with his twin brother Jason at The Oppenheim Group. With a staggering $100 billion in real estate sales, Brett is a key player in the high-end real estate market.

Amanza Smith

In Season 7, Amanza, one of the original cast members, opens up about her personal challenges. She talks about her difficult childhood and a frightening experience with cancer. Additionally, there is personal drama in the series due to a falling out between Amanza and her friend Chrishell Stause.

Amanza Smith

The Selling Sunset Cast Drops Clues About The Returning Members For Season Eight

The Selling Sunset Season 7 reunion unveils intriguing hints about Season 8. The heated debates between the Oppenheim brothers over office designs for their new Sunset agents’ workspace capture attention.

The new office is aptly termed an “adult playground” due to its array of amenities—bars, shuffleboard, pool tables, architecturally designed lounges, and discreetly placed flat-screen TVs. We already shared the Know The Married Life of Quianna so do read it.

Mary hints that while the office is a playground, the agents at the O-group definitely “like to play.” The expansion means more desks for new agents, with the brothers actively seeking fresh faces to join their team.


The Selling Sunset Season 7 reunion, hosted by Tan France, offers a mix of lighthearted conversation and surprising revelations from the cast, providing a glimpse into their personal and professional lives.

The Oppenheim brothers’ hints about an extravagant office and the recruitment of new agents stir anticipation for Season 8, promising a blend of entertainment and a glimpse into the luxurious real estate world.

1. Who is The Newest Addition to Selling Sunset Season 4?

Emma Hernan, a former model turned real estate agent, joins the cast, stirring drama with her clash with Nicole Young.

2. What Personal Challenges does Amanza Smith Discuss in Season 7?

Amanza opens up about her difficult childhood and a frightening encounter with cancer, revealing personal struggles.

3. What Sparks Conflicts Between Bre Tiesi and Cassandra Dawn in Season 6?

Bre’s entry into The Oppenheim Group leads to clashes with Cassandra Dawn, fueling speculation about her future on the show.

4. What Hints are Dropped about Selling Sunset Season 8 During The Reunion?

The Oppenheim brothers tease an extravagant new office with a “playground” vibe and plans to recruit fresh faces into their team.

5. What does Mary Fitzgerald Hint at Regarding The Dynamics Among The Agents in Season 8?

Mary suggests that while the new office is a playground, the agents at The Oppenheim Group definitely enjoy a playful atmosphere.

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