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Australiancomicsjournal.com is unlike any other blog you’ve ever seen; we have an entire team of trained journalists and film admirers that have expertise in culture, entertainment, and news. We are dedicated and passionate about journilism.

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Marianne Garvey ()

I work as a freelance SEO Manager at Australiancomicsjournal, collaborating with entrepreneurs and companies to enhance their search engine rankings and broaden their audience reach. As an SEO specialist, I focus on optimizing business visibility on Google. My expertise lies in SEO, Copywriting, Technical SEO, and News Content.

Erik (Editor & writer)

Originally from Austin, Texas, I graduated from the University of Texas with an English degree and minors in philosophy and history. Currently, I’m a content writer at Australiancomicsjournal.com, engaging in writing, research, and critical thinking.

Having traveled extensively, I’ve gained an open mind, receptive to diverse perspectives. My interests encompass mountain climbing, Faulkner’s works, and a strong affection for tortillas.

Marina Daniel (Editor & Writer)

A passionate researcher, reader, and writer, I thrive on exploring new topics and varying viewpoints. Working in the tech industry, I enjoy multitasking – from research to editing – reveling in the diversity of my tasks.

Daniel Dale (Editor & Writer)

I’m a freelance SEO editor and content writer, excelling in content localization, keyword research, and optimizing web structures.

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