The Mysterious Life of Terri Ficca: What Happened At the Conjuring House?

The Mysterious Life of Terri Ficca: Terri Ficca passed away unexpectedly on September 24, 2007, at 47 years old. She was a beloved teacher who made a lasting impact on her students.

In 2005, Terri returned to her North Smithfield roots. She pursued higher education and obtained a degree in Outdoor Recreation from the University of Maine at Presque Isle.

Later, she embarked on a journey to become an elementary school teacher, receiving her training at Roger Williams University. She continued her quest for knowledge and obtained a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education.

Who is Terri Ficca?

Terri Ficca was a cherished member of the North Smithfield community, known for her dedication to teaching, coaching, and volunteering. Born to Dolores (Lefebvre) Ficca and the late Anthony P. Ficca, Terri’s upbringing was greatly influenced by her loving parents. She was born in North Smithfield, but graduated from high school in Woonsocket in 1978 after spending most of her life there.

Terri’s love for teaching brought her to Globe Park School in Woonsocket, where she taught third grade. Her students and colleagues adored her, valuing her creative and enjoyable teaching methods.

Terri Ficca

Beyond the classroom, Terri had a strong affinity for the outdoors. She worked at Eastern Mountain Sports for an extended period, where she led outdoor educational programs. She loved camping, kayaking, and hiking, and had completed a large part of the Appalachian Trail.

Terri Ficca Worth Beyond Wealth

Terri, a committed volunteer, trained local Boy Scouts, coached softball in Woonsocket for 12 years, and actively engaged in the Globe Park Parent Teacher Association.

Her commitment extended to organizations like Big Sisters of America. Terri enjoyed golf and had a special place in her heart for her two pets, Talkeetna and Maka.

Terri Ficca’s family included her mother, Dolores, and her sister Christine, along with brothers Thomas and Anthony, and their respective families. Bethany, Aimee, Gary, Melissa, Emily, Robert, and Jacob Ficca all cherished their aunt dearly.

The exact monetary value of Terri Ficca’s legacy remains unknown. Her life was marked by her love for the outdoors, unwavering dedication to serving others, and a profound passion for education. Her impact on the North Smithfield community was immeasurable and went far beyond financial considerations.

A Farewell to Terri Ficca

The details surrounding her cause of death remain undisclosed, but it is believed that she passed away at Landmark Medical Center in Woonsocket.

A Farewell to Terri Ficca
A Farewell to Terri Ficca

Her sudden demise sent shockwaves through the community, leaving many grieving the loss of a beloved teacher and community advocate.

Remembering Terri Ficca

Terri Ficca’s funeral occurred on September 29, 2007, at Holt Funeral Home located on 510 South Main Street. Subsequently, a church service was held at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church on 1409 Park Avenue in Woonsocket. Terri was then buried in St. Charles Cemetery in Blackstone, Massachusetts, as reported by

The family asked for donations to be made to the Globe Park School PTA instead of flowers. Contributions should be sent to Globe Park School at 192 Avenue A, Woonsocket, RI 02895, for the Terri Ficca Library Fund.

Terri Ficca Legacy and the Conjuring House

The spooky Conjuring House is located in Burrillville, Rhode Island and is well-known for its ghostly tales. In May 2022, the property was acquired by Jacqueline Nuñez, a Boston businessperson, reigniting interest in its mysterious history.

There is ongoing speculation about a potential connection between the Conjuring House and the early passing of an individual named Terri. Some believe this house may have played a role in her demise, adding a captivating layer to an already intriguing story.

Terri Ficca’s memory continues to live on, both as a dedicated educator and a mysterious figure intertwined with the enigmatic history of the Conjuring House.

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