Kagurabachi Chapter 10 Release Date: Time Zone, Recap, Reddit Spoilers & Where to Watch?

Kagurabachi, a manga that was released in September 2023, falls under the action and fantasy genre. The story revolves around Chihiro, a young swordsmith.

Who dedicates his time to improving his skills under the guidance of his famous father, Kunishige. However, Chihiro’s life takes an unexpected turn.

When a group of sorcerers known as the Hishaku brutally ends Kunishige’s life. Now, the manga is preparing to release its upcoming chapter, Chapter 10.

If you’re curious about the release date, Reddit spoilers, and more, keep reading to find out!

Kagurabachi Chapter 10 Release Date & Time

Kagurabachi, a recent addition to the manga scene, continues its riveting tale with each chapter unveiling the saga of revenge.

Fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter, slated for release on November 19, 2023. While actual release times may vary slightly, the wait promises to be worth it for enthusiasts.

Kagurabachi Chapter 10 Release Date

Check out the schedule for Kagurabachi Chapter 10 in different parts of the world:

Time ZoneTime
Pacific Time8:00 AM PST
Central Time10:00 AM CST
Eastern Time11:00 AM EST
Atlantic Time12:00 PM AST
Brazil Time12:00 PM BST
India Time8:30 PM IST
Philippines Time11:00 PM PHT

Kagurabachi Chapter 9 Recap

In the previous chapter, Kagurabachi administered punishment to his underlings and their families. Amidst suspicions that Sojo’s allies might not materialize.

Shiba urged caution, advocating for a low profile. The Daruma-sorcerer’s true identity, Norisaku Madoka, was unveiled. Take a quick look at Kagurabachi Chapter 9 Release Date.

Shiba, isolated due to his association with Sojo, grappled with familial abandonment, triggering memories of a troubled past.

Inspired by Shiba’s counsel, he embarked on a journey of self-reflection, determined to carve a new path forward.

Reddit Spoilers for Kagurabachi Chapter 10

As of now, official spoilers for Chapter 10 are yet to surface. Based on the previous chapter’s developments, expectations lean towards witnessing Shiba’s transformative outlook on life. What are your predictions?

Reddit Spoilers for Kagurabachi Chapter 10
Reddit Spoilers for Kagurabachi Chapter 10

Where to Watch Kagurabachi Chapter 10?

Seeking Kagurabachi Chapter 10 upon its release? Fear not! Manga enthusiasts can access the upcoming chapter on authorized platforms like Manga Plus and VIZ.

It’s essential to support the original creators by accessing the official sources for an immersive experience. We also advised you to read Kagurabachi Chapter 8 Release Date.

Is Kagurabachi Worth Your Time?

Kagurabachi has swiftly etched its place among notable mangas. Its narrative prowess transitions seamlessly from Chihiro’s formative years with his father to exploring his adult life, showcasing a rich storytelling tapestry from the manga’s inception.

Is Kagurabachi Worth Your Time


Kagurabachi continues to captivate audiences, and Chapter 10 is set to grace readers on November 19, 2023. Access the chapter through VIZ Media’s official site, Manga Plus, and Shonen Jump for an immersive experience. Dive into this compelling saga and witness the unfolding tale penned by the creators themselves.

1. When is Kagurabachi Chapter 10 releasing?

Kagurabachi Chapter 10 is set to release on [specific date] at [specific time] in [specified time zone].

2. Can you provide a brief recap of Kagurabachi Chapter 9?

In Chapter 9, [brief summary of key events], leaving fans eager for the next installment.

3. Where can I find Kagurabachi Chapter 10 Reddit spoilers?

You can find Kagurabachi Chapter 10 spoilers on Reddit in the [specific subreddit] section dedicated to the series.

4. What time zone is Kagurabachi Chapter 10 releasing in?

Kagurabachi Chapter 10 will be released in [specific time zone] at [specified time].

5. Where can I watch Kagurabachi Chapter 10?

You can watch Kagurabachi Chapter 10 on [specified platform], which usually releases the new chapter simultaneously with the official release.

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