The Shocking Reason Behind Jenna Ortega’s Exit from ‘Scream VII’

Spyglass Studios made headlines recently, severing ties with Melissa Barrera, the lead in the blockbuster “Scream VII.” Adding to the turmoil, Jenna Ortega, her co-star, has also confirmed her departure.

These unexpected exits cast a shadow of doubt over the future of this iconic horror series, pivotal for its resurgence.

Christopher Landon continues to steer Spyglass as the director amidst this upheaval. However, the trajectory ahead remains uncertain.

Notably, Ortega’s decision to leave predates the SAG-AFTRA strike and stands separate from Barrera’s departure, which stemmed from social media controversy.

The Mystery Behind Jenna Ortega’s Departure from Scream 7

Sources close to Ortega clarify that her exit wasn’t prompted by social media issues. Her representatives had informed Spyglass well in advance that the acclaimed young actress, who garnered fame over the past decade, wouldn’t return.

Why Did Jenna Ortega

Reports suggest Ortega’s departure resulted from the absence of an existing deal or terms deemed too costly by Spyglass. Intriguingly, Spyglass had previously declined Neve Campbell’s return due to salary negotiations for “Scream VI.”

In response to Barrera’s dismissal, Spyglass took a strong stance against hate speech. Their unequivocal zero-tolerance policy condemns any form of hate or false references to sensitive issues. If you want more like this then check out The Family Plan Release Date.

Why Did Jenna Ortega Drops Out Of “Scream VII”

A New Era of Horror Scream Returns in 2022

The 2022 reboot of “Scream,” featuring Ortega and Barrera, revitalized the franchise. Their roles as Tara and Sam Carpenter injected fresh interest into the long-standing horror series.

2022 Revival Of “Scream”

The ensemble cast of “Scream” (2022), blending veteran actors and emerging talents, resonated globally, grossing an impressive $137.7 million. We already shared the Scott Pilgrim Season 2 so do read it.

Subsequently, “Scream VI,” shot in New York, exceeded expectations with a global gross of over $168.9 million.

The unexpected departures of Barrera and Ortega have sparked discussions among fans and industry insiders about the franchise’s future.

As Spyglass navigates these challenges, the fate of “Scream VII” remains uncertain, leaving fans eagerly anticipating updates on the next chapter of this beloved series.

1. Why did Melissa Barrera leave “Scream VII”?

Melissa Barrera’s departure from “Scream VII” followed controversy over social media posts referencing the Israel-Hamas conflict.

2. Why did Jenna Ortega quit “Scream VII”?

Jenna Ortega’s exit from “Scream VII” was reportedly unrelated to Barrera’s departure and was decided before the SAG-AFTRA strike.

3. Who is directing “Scream VII”?

Christopher Landon remains at the helm as the director of “Scream VII” amidst uncertainties surrounding the cast.

4. What was Spyglass Studio’s statement about Barrera’s termination?

Spyglass Studio strongly condemned antisemitism and hate speech following Melissa Barrera’s removal from “Scream VII.”

5. How much did the previous “Scream” movies gross?

“Scream” (2022) garnered $137.7 million globally, while its sequel, “Scream VI,” surpassed expectations with over $168.9 million in worldwide earnings.

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