Inside Lee Min Ho’s Dating Life: A Journey Through His Past Relationships

Lee Min Ho Dating History: Lee Min Ho is currently dating? With the release of “Pachinko” on Apple TV+, starring Lee Min Ho, everything feels perfect. Lee Min Ho is renowned for his performances in popular K-dramas like “The King: Eternal Monarch,” “Legend of the Blue Sea,” and “Heirs,” among others. In “Pachinko,” he portrays Hansu, a character with a darker side compared to his previous roles.

With the arrival of Apple TV’s “Pachinko,” featuring the talented Lee Min Ho, fans around the world have reason to celebrate. Renowned for his roles in beloved K-dramas such as “The King: Eternal Monarch,” “Legend of the Blue Sea,” and “Heirs,” Lee takes on the character of Hansu in “Pachinko,” a departure from his previous roles, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

As curiosity about Lee Min Ho grows, it’s only natural to want to learn more about his personal life, including his past relationships and former girlfriends. Let’s delve into that aspect.

Lee Min Ho Dating History

Speculations regarding Lee Min Ho dating his co-stars have been common, but they seldom materialize into actual relationships. He was rumored to be dating his co-star Kim Go-Eun from “The King: Eternal Monarch”, but there have been a few confirmed romantic relationships in his life.

Lee Min Ho Dating History

Lee Min-Ho and Park Min-Young (2011)

Lee Min Ho dated Park Min-Young, his co-star in “City Hunter” and “Forecasting Love and Weather,” in late 2011. Their relationship was short-lived, and it remained a secret until the beginning of the following year when both of their agencies cited their hectic work schedules as the reason for their break-up.

Despite the brevity of their romance, it was evident that they enjoyed each other’s company both on and off the set. Take a quick look at What Is The Story Behind Richard Roundtree.

Lee Min-Ho and Bae Suzy (2015)

Lee Min Ho began dating Bae Suzy, a singer from Miss A and an actress in “Start-Up,” in March 2015. The dating rumors were confirmed by Starhaus and JYP Entertainment, the management companies of both artists. Bae Suzy described Lee as “a deeply caring and warm person,” and their relationship became public knowledge.

Lee Min Ho With Bae Suzy
Lee Min Ho With Bae Suzy

Throughout their time together, Lee and Bae were spotted on various dates, although they maintained a low profile. However, after three years of dating, JYP confirmed their breakup in 2017. Speculations about their breakup had begun in 2016, but no further explanation was provided.

Is Lee Min Ho Currently Dating?

Rumors of a romantic relationship between Lee Min Ho and actress and former Momoland member Yeonwoo surfaced after an alleged movie date. However, Lee’s current management company, MYM Entertainment, swiftly put an end to these speculations. We also advised you to read Who Is Jenna Ellis Husband.

Is Lee Min Ho Currently Dating

They issued a statement denying any romantic involvement, emphasizing that they were no more than casual friends at best. Lee Min Ho, being a private person, has not been spotted with any other potential romantic partners since then. He remains dedicated to his acting career, captivating audiences with his exceptional performances.

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