Bernie Collins Relationship Status: Is He Married or Single?

Bernie Collins: Bernadette, also called Bernie Collins, is a strategy analyst for Sky Sports F1 from Northern Ireland. She used to be a strategy engineer for the Aston Martin Formula One team. Bernie started her career as a trainee at McLaren after completing her studies at Queen’s University Belfast in 2009.

She worked her way up to become a performance engineer and led the team in 2014, collaborating with Jenson Button, the 2009 World Champion. Bernie joined Force India in 2015 and contributed to their fourth-place finish in the Constructors’ Championship the next year.

Additionally, she served as an ambassador for the UK government’s “Make it in Great Britain” campaign in 2012 and was recognized on Forbes’ 2016 list of young achievers in Manufacturing and industry in Europe. Many people are curious about Bernie’s romantic life. Let’s explore to find out if she is married or enjoying the single life.

Bernie Collins Relationship Status A Private Love Life

Bernie Collins, known for her role as a strategy analyst at Sky Sports F1, has left many curious about her romantic life. The 35-year-old Northern Irish analyst has kept her love life under wraps, and it remains unclear whether she is married or living the single life.

It seems she values her privacy, possibly aiming to shield her partner from the media’s scrutiny. Bernie’s unwavering dedication to her career in racing consumes a significant portion of her time. Her racing skills are still admired by her fans, while her personal life remains undisclosed.

Bernie Collins

Bernie Collins Early Life and Educational Journey

Born in the mid-1980s in Maguires bridge, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, Bernie Collins hailed from a family with automotive ties. Her father worked in a garage, though not as a mechanic, and Bernie was no stranger to getting her hands dirty.

Describing herself as a bit of a “tom-boy,” she enjoyed assisting her father with farm machinery. Interestingly, Bernie’s journey into the world of motor racing was not an initially planned one. Take a quick look at The Mysterious Life of Terri Ficca.

During her five-year stint at Mount Lourdes Grammar School, Bernie was uncertain about her future career path. Eventually, she decided to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering at Queen’s University Belfast, driven by her passion for mathematics and physics.

She was among just three females in a class of 30 students. Her love for motor racing grew while she was in university, specifically during her last two years when she took part in the yearly Formula Student program. This program involved designing, testing, building, and driving small-scale racing cars, igniting her passion for the world of racing.

Bernie Collins Impressive Career

Bernie started her incredible journey in Formula One by applying for a trainee program with the McLaren Formula One racing team in 2009. She discovered the program through an advertisement at Queen’s University’s Mechanical Engineering department. Despite some initial uncertainty, she decided to visit the McLaren Technology Centre to gather more information. Her determination paid off when she was accepted into the program after passing a series of online tests.

Her role as a trainee required her to rotate through various departments every three months, allowing her to gain a broad understanding of different roles and teams within the organization.

During her senior year at university, she worked in McLaren’s design division, with a primary focus on the transmissions of their vehicles. Bernie also served as an engineer during GP3 Series race weekends, which improved her practical experience.

Bernie Collins Impressive Career

Bernie joined the McLaren GT sports car racing team part-time. She played a vital role in their efforts to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. In 2012, she was promoted to the position of performance engineer. Her impressive accomplishments led to her recognition as an ambassador for the British government’s “Make It in Great Britain” campaign, as she made it to the “30 Under 30” list in 2013.

Bernie filled in as McLaren’s chief performance engineer for the Indian and Abu Dhabi Grands Prix in 2013 while the regular engineer was on paternity leave. Her impressive performance led to a full-time role for the 2014 racing season, where she worked closely with Jenson Button and together they formed a successful team.

Bernie Collins Personal Life and Privacy

As for Bernie Collins’ personal life, it remains shrouded in mystery. She chooses to keep her romantic life private, perhaps to shield her partner from the intense media attention.

Bernie Collins Personal Life and Privacy
Bernie Collins Personal Life and Privacy

Her dedication to her racing career takes precedence, leaving little room for discussions about her personal life. While she continues to impress with her on-track performance, her admirers may only speculate about her personal life, which she has intentionally kept concealed. We also advised you to read What Is The Story Behind Richard Roundtree.

Is Bernie Collins on Social Media?

Although Bernie Collins is not highly active on social media, she does maintain a presence on Twitter under the handle @bernie_collins1, boasting over 20,000 followers. In her Twitter bio, she humorously mentions that she is a “two-time marathon runner,” expresses her love for tea, and proudly identifies as Irish.

Bernie also has an Instagram account with the handle @bernie.collins.1. In her Instagram bio, she mentions being a retired F1 strategist and jokingly adds that she cannot obtain free F1 tickets. She has amassed nearly 10,000 followers on this platform. While Bernie may not frequently share personal details on her social media accounts, she provides a glimpse into her life and personality for those who follow her online.

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