EDITORIAL: Time’s Up; stepping down as Managing Editor

I stepped down from the role of Managing Editor for the australiancomicsjournal.com in August of last year. I have failed to find a moment to even write this column in the months since that decision and that alone should give an implication of why my tenure here is up; time.

Between family and day-job, my availability changed significantly last year and the workload of helping to run this site was no longer tenable. While I did make this decision with some regret, it also feels if as circumstances made this decision for me; my baby’s sleep difficulties were uniquely crushing last year and I continued working full-time as a copywriter. Not enough sleep. Too many deadlines. Last year also saw a return to freelance writing in my spare time and it’s getting harder to justify working for free, no matter how much I might love the subject matter.

On that note, it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the generosity of collaborators and past contributors. No one who has written for the australiancomicsjournal.com has been paid for that work. This site has simply never had the capacity. Those who have written here have done so because of their love for Australian comics. It was a pleasure to work with Publisher Gary Chaloner, Assistant Editor Ben Kooyman, and Reviewer Amy Maynard over the last three years. This team is responsible for nothing short of the highest quality coverage of Australian comics we’ve seen in recent years.

I have actually been something of a skeptic when people have spoken about ‘Australian comics’ as an idiosyncratic entity or industry. Is there anything that links this body of work other than geography? Does the quirky and isolated psychology of this country creep into graphic memoir and genre books in similar ways? Is the work of this community liberated or malnourished by the absence of publishers? I have some thoughts on each of those questions, but, given the point of this column, I won’t be able to answer them here; I just don’t have the time.

I haven’t just spent the last four years writing about comics, but also writing my own comics. Any readers curious about my books can see my work at newlondoncomics.com and keep up to date with my freelance writing on anthonyncastle.com and Twitter.

I will miss covering the best Australian comics and providing a platform to deserving books. I am grateful for Gary Chaloner who gave me the opportunity and any readers who have stopped by here over the last three years.

Thanks for your time.

Mine is up.



About A C

Anthony N. Castle is the author of the graphic novel DEAD ENDS, the horror comic REDWOOD and the Gothic Bildungsroman DAPPLED. Anthony lives in the city of Adelaide and currently works as a copywriter for a non-profit organisation. His first job involved medical experimentation and eating radioactive hamburgers for money.

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