The Saturday Evening Post: 23/09/17

News from around the traps…

Indie Comic Con made it’s funding target on Kickstarter! So congrats to the team and we look forward to seeing how the inaugural event shapes up in November.

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Sarah Winifred Searle posts on her Facebook page: “Cat’s out of the bag! I’m writing and drawing a Shana-centric story for the new Jem and the Holograms: Dimensions series.” Coming from IDW.

Sarah is an artist to watch out for.

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An upcoming event of note on Saturday, October 7:

Prose and Coms – Massive Book and Comic Launch

Here’s the books and comics launching at The Retreat in Brunswick…

Zombolette’s Floppy #2 by Scarlette Baccini
The Infernal Sugar Dive by James Andre
When the One You Love Has Gone by Ben Hutcho (re-release!)
The Australian Idiot by Ben Hutcho
Killeroo: Gangwars Book Three (of Six) by Darren Close and others
Quest Scrombatia: The Complete Act One by Martin Nixon
Mini Tom: Book 3 by Tom Tung
Junior Catharsis by David Mahler
Death Master by Rupe Daze
Old Fashioned by Sam Emery

Visit the event page on Facebook for more info.

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Something a bit different this week… some WIP images from my latest project, Proud Heart: The Love of Achilles. The first issue is launching at OzComic-Con this very weekend in Brisbane. The book will be available at OzComic-Con in Sydney next weekend as well. Just pop by the Gestalt Comics booth to get your issue signed by author Gary Proudley.

1. Layout, pages 2 and 3
(Click for a larger view.)

2. Inked line art, pages 2 and 3
(Click for a larger view.)

3. Coloured and lettered artwork, pages 2 and 3
(Click for a larger view.)

If you can’t make it to Brisbane or Sydney to acquire your copy, you can order the book direct from the publisher’s website, here.

If you’d like to see more WIP and development sketches for the Proud Heart project, feel free to pop over to my Patreon page.

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