The Creative Flame

The Creative Flame

By Bobby N.


You know….

I’ve often found the HOWS of life much more interesting than the residual WHATS.

And the HOWS are often accomplished by a WHO. Often, an admirable WHO.

A creator.

The creator in the comic book field is compelled by an impulse to coalesce a personal narrative into a book for complete strangers. A very strange impulse. Some say its ego. Some say it’s a yearning to be loved. I think it’s simpler. I think the impulse is to CONNECT with other people in conversation.

The thing i find most interesting about artists is the passion with which they speak about the work itself when you talk to them. The meaning and purpose they find in DOING it shines through. To me, the particular story an author is working on only seems to be a convenient platform for the exercise they’re engaging in. The ACT of creating books (like any other art) seems to be the real point rather than the book itself. But one often needs a practical DESTINATION to set out on a long journey. Especially when trying to explain your journey to a non-artist. So a book is an easy language to explain.

Authors are forever describing “what they’re working on”, rather than ​showing ​you their stories. Now, notwithstanding the often excruciatingly long pregnancy a book has before it’s final birth, i think that authors also secretly like the comfort of having something to wake up for. That is: A book to create… a purpose. Enriching one’s day-to-day pedestrian routines with the richness of daily creativity is very hard to beat.

Some wake up to a car project in the garage which lasts years. Others write stories. It’s essentially the same thing.

The act of creating things (i’ve found), is that it gives one a purpose in life, and can also connect us to others when the project is talked about or shown. In fact, we typically ‘consume’ other people’s creativity to satisfy a latent desire to be engaged with the act of creativity itself.

The point i’m getting at is, that creating the final book is not the most important thing. Keeping the flame alive TO create the wonderful expressions that we share amongst each other is. This includes different views. Freedom of speech. Freedom of expression. Tolerance, and a open attitude of “live and let live”.

Keep your creative flame alive, and for the love of all that is natural and fair, resist burning books you dislike.

We all know how the last culture that burnt books ended up.

About Bobby N.

Bobby N.
Bobby.N is an award-winning comic book author and illustrator. He spends most of his time staving off the grave by creating things.

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