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Bazza the Bogan Barbarian on kickstarter

Bazza the Bogan Barbarian, and the drop bears Thriller and Killer, defend the family homestead in Australian Alien Invasion… Meet Bazza the Bogan Barbarian; he barracks for Souths Sydney, he loves his Vegemite, he dunks his meat pies in beer and he smashed zombies for six with a Bradman bat …

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Wrestlers in Space #1 review

By Ben Kooyman             Filmmaker turned comics creator and scribe Nathanael Hopkins-Smith’s previous work, The Vagabond, was a low-fi, gritty, dirty-minded black & white charmer about a homeless man who pushes back against the society that browbeat him. His latest project, Wrestlers in Space, is a colourful, arch romp with …

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Tales to Admonish Vol. 1 trade paperback review

By Ben Kooyman The first three issues of Andrez Bergen and Matt Kyme’s anthology series Tales to Admonish featured zombies, vampires, botched larceny, superheroic and post-apocalyptic epic fails, World War One aerial escapades, and screwball noir. Read our review of Bergen and Kyme’s work here…   These first three issues …

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Panels+Pixels: 10 September

ALL STAR BOOK LAUNCH! Divine Comedy by Matt Nichols (writer) and Simon A. Wright (artist) From Above by Craig Bruyns Tales to Admonish by Andrew Bergen (Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa?) and Matt Kyme (Bulletproof Kid) Saturday, October 5 at 1.00pm All Star Comics, Melbourne More details …

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