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Bolt Comics Presents 3 launching at Comic Gong!

Andrew Tribe, publisher and one of the creative team behind Bolt Comics writes: Bolt Comics Presents #3 will be launched at Comic Gong on the 19th of May! This special 5th anniversary issue was crowd-funded thanks to the support of our recent Kickstarter backers. Bolt Comics Presents #3 launches a …

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Online Comics Masterclass: Colleen Doran

Colleen Doran stripping "Troll Bridge" bare in online Comics Masterclass. The “Comics Stripped Bare™” series is a Comics Mastermind™ creative initiative that works on the presumption that in order to truly understand something you need to pull it apart.

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Kickstarter: Space Copx: Cereal Zombies

SPACE COPZ is an all-age sci-fi comic about space exploration and keeping the futuristic city of Mercury Plains safe from galactic monsters, the forces of evil and schoolyard bullies. Join our hero Sgt. Alpha Omega and his loyal sidekick, Beta Boy as they roam the universe; saving one planet at a time.

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