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Trista & Holt issues 1-6 By Andrez Bergen Review by Ben Kooyman Andrez Bergen’s latest venture Trista & Holt is an update of the Tristan and Iseult legend. This retelling relocates the action to the 1970s and switches the genders of its protagonists. These first six issues see Trista, niece …

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Review by Ben Kooyman (review of That Bulletproof Kid issue #1 here) Following directly on from the cliffhanger ending to The Bulletproof Kid issue #1, IF? Commix is proud to present the second installment— in which the young hero Anth faces off against the madly maniacal Monochrome! That Bulletproof Kid …

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Tales to Admonish issues 1 to 3 review

Review by Ben Kooyman The first three issues of Tales to Admonish, an anthology series penned by Andrez Bergen with art by Matt Kyme, feature a fistful of witty, gently subversive vignettes that play with the conventions of pulp and other well-worn genres. Issue 1 sets the tone for the …

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