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NSEW #5 Story: Ben Michael Byrne Art: David Broughton, Colin Wells, Richard Chin, Ben Michael Byrne, Craig Bruyn, Torston Pfeil,  Martin Trafford, Scott Reid   TWO STEPS FORWARD, HALF A STEP BACK Hoo boy. This is tough. I reviewed the previous issue of NSEW a few months back, and quite …

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NSEW #4  Story: Ben Michael Byrne Art: Bryan Coyle, Mladen Luketin, Jack West-Oram, Dave Snell, Ben Michael Byrne FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, JUDGE THIS BOOK BY ITS COVER Creator and writer Ben Michael Byrne has laid out an overwhelmingly complex universe, but there are clues, literal symbols, and events that …

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Big Arse Comics Launch #3: the comics

The Melbourne comics community is hosting its third annual Big Arse Book Launch. This year they will be launching fifteen (15) new works created by authors from around Australia and New Zealand. Here's the run-down...

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