REVIEW: Zombolette’s Floppy #2

Zombolette’s Floppy #2

By Scarlette Baccini
Bathwater Books


As Zombolette creator Scarlette Baccini puts it; ‘the world we live in is overloaded with fucking overdone, unoriginal, cash-in, low-brow mainstream idiot Zombie shite’.

Enter Zombolette’s Floppy #2.

While a lot can be said about Baccini’s Zombie-Comedy Tale – unoriginal, cash-in and low-brow – are not words one would use to describe the disturbingly bizarre Comic out of BATHWATER BOOKS that plays like one part Ren and Stimpy, one part Mad Magazine and two parts gross-out Body-Horror.

At times the panels become so twisted and bizarre that I began to question what the hell I was reading, but under the layers of lactating rodent and regurgitating faeces jokes lies a story that hits on some of today’s pressing issues such as Gender Identification, Body Image and Society’s Perception on people. Baccini certainly doesn’t ram these themes violently down our throats (that’s kept for the true sicking milky moments) there are undeniably present.

The story sees our ‘TIT-ular Main Character Zombolette going on a path of self-discovery as She/He/It tries to find the true meaning of friendship after the sidekick Cameron the Guniea Pig gets sent to Jail. Things real hit the Bat-Shit-Crazy fan from there on as readers are treated to Nudist colony Sexual Harassment, Adult Breast feeding and self-mutilation all in the name of ‘Original Zombie Comedy’.

The art itself plays across the panels like a even more twisted version of The Ren and Stimpy Show as mentioned before and each scene is actually pretty loaded with enough detail to make the strongest of stomachs squeamish. The Character Designs fit very well with the kind of Comic that Zombolette is both trying and succeeding to be and certain ‘Close-up’ moments are highlighted.

Zombolette’s Floppy #2 may not be everyone’s cut of tea (Hold the Rodent milk please) and I could see a few of the weaker stomached ‘low-brow mainstream’ readers having trouble getting through the book, if nothing else it’s definitely a well put together piece that may or may not tickle your ‘cracked nipple’.

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Clancy Ellis
Clancy James Ellis is a Perth based fiction writer with a background in Journalism. He specialises in tales of Horror and the Macabre as well as the occasional dabble in the Drama genre. The Kimberley native enjoys painting and drawing in his spare time and is also a huge fan of comics and avid supporter of the Australian comic scene.

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