REVIEW: Wrath of the Cursed #1


Art & Story: Matt Kyme

Strong Family themes hit a note with all of us when reading a new comic book, watching a new television show, catching a new movie at the cinema, or even listening to a new radio drama podcast. The fact is that time-to-time we all have that certain character which pops up and reminds us of one of our own, or more often; that we have people whom we care about.

Family seems to be a major theme in issue one of the new title THE WRATH OF THE CURSED by beloved Australian comic creator Matt Kyme.

Whether it’s a Father and Son duo willing to both meet their demise rather than shame each other, a Warrior returning from an unspecified journey to reclaim his infant child or even a clearly evil Bodyguard not above murdering and framing a innocent man to promote his own brother, THE WRATH OF THE CURSED will make us all think about our family at one point.

This is the beauty of this breakout issue, and after a sudden halt in publication to one of Kyme’s most popular titles, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that his own family really got behind the Writer/Artist, encouraged him to keep his chin up and knuckle down to create this new character and story that I believe will end up becoming his biggest hit.

The story starts off Long ago in some unnamed Asian country, where we meet a mob of angry villagers revolting against their so-called oppressors in the SAY TON Clan. A bloody battle spreads as the villagers make their way to the house that we eventually meet our titular Main Character THE CURSED and things really ramp up as he joins the clash in a slashing spread of violence.

The story shifts from here after this scene ends as Kyme takes us back years earlier and the reader gets a glimpse into not only the origins and role of THE CURSED but also are introduced to some characters that I’m sure will end up playing a much larger role in issues to follow.

Sword duelling, death, honour and deceit await the reader across the issues’ thirty-two pages (pretty impressive considering Kyme put this together in four weeks). The story is both captivating and mysterious enough that I am looking forward eagerly to the next issue to arrive to learn more about THE CURSED and his origins.

The art fits very well with the story he has created here, as Kyme’s unique style works with both the designs of the characters and the sword battles throughout the book, while also bringing us the reader into the age old Asian setting. I found myself at times reading the issue in my office and glancing up from the pages to take a look at some of the original pieces Kyme has created from my own stories for me situated on my walls, (Yep, I’m a fan boy so what) and his style to me seems unchanging no matter what the scene calls for. Well done to him for making it work so well.

Although not a perfect book, THE WRATH OF THE CURSED is an exciting tale of action and intrigue and I for one am really looking forward to where Kyme takes us and what the man can do with more than four weeks!

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Clancy Ellis
Clancy James Ellis is a Perth based fiction writer with a background in Journalism. He specialises in tales of Horror and the Macabre as well as the occasional dabble in the Drama genre. The Kimberley native enjoys painting and drawing in his spare time and is also a huge fan of comics and avid supporter of the Australian comic scene.

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  1. The Demon was good- this is even better. I really like the panel layouts which give the art more room to breathe. Great comic

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