REVIEW: Armoured Science Kung Fu Cats

Armoured Science Kung Fu Cats

By Tom Caffrey
Edited by Nate Odger


This all-ages superhero comic is written, drawn and produced by Tom Caffrey and edited by Nate Odger and is a very fun-filled and easily read comic book.

The artwork on the cover is an ensemble cover showing the main characters at the point of their genesis. The internal art is very bright and and colourful using the primary colours to really make it all pop out and is reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons of the 80s. Each cat has it’s own unique style there are two alley cats and two domestics which are well groomed, the colours and shape make it easily identifiable and it’s clear that Tom is quite the feline afficionado.

The story is beautifully simplistic and hits all the right notes and tropes. Take a common super hero story, remove humans and add cats. This adds to the charm of this story and although it may be predictable you can’t help but feel like, “YES! Woohooo you go Cats!”

The pacing of this comic is very quick and the 10 double pages fly buy. The end reminds me of the batman ‘66 where our heroes are in dire straits which is exactly how you want it to end. The inciting incident could not be more impactful and it really shows the characters and how they react in an emergency, The black Cat named Ronin is a born leader and is clearly the one in charge here, he’s also front and center on the cover and is the voice of reason and logic, Velda is the heart of the group and as all common tropes go, the heart and head are almost always at odds. The other members of the team have less defined roles other than the followers of the group however there is a part two to this so we will need to wait and see how this pans out.

The use of differing panel counts and the minimal word count really makes this fast pace and Tom has done a really good job of not using exposition or mundane panels to move the story along really well. What I was really in love with were the added pages, the comic itself is only 20 pages but the last seven had characters designs and two pin ups. I’m a big fan of anthropomorphic characters and these designs are impressive.

A well-edited book which looks and reads great. If you like cats, give this book a look.

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Max Battistella
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