REVIEW: After the Snow #1

After The Snow #1

White Cat Press
Writer: Dale Maccanti
Artist/letterer: Trev Wood
Colourist: Anthonie Wilson

The publishers made a preview copy of the first issue available for review purposes.


After The Snow is a sequel to the famous fairy tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. This first issue of a planned six issue series does what all first issues must: set the scene, meet the main players and grab the reader’s interest enough to pick up the second issue. All boxes ticked.

The story picks up fifteen years after the “happily ever after” ending of the classic story. The question is posed: Then what happened?

We get to meet Snow White, now thirty-five and starting to get a wee bit worried about losing her legendary “fairest of them all” status. We meet her “charming” husband and get a hint of some broiling family and political issues that involve growing civil unrest. Things aren’t all happily ever after any more.

The dwarves are there, of course, but these boys aren’t your Disney variety characters. Though the creative team have had fun redefining the magnificent seven while alluding to their animated dopelgangers.

There are tips of the hat to the various versions of the fairy tale, from Snow White’s outfit (Disney) to references of asphyxiating bodices (Grimm). There’s even a return of the Magic Mirror, stored below the castle in a secret basement. And yes, the first issue ends with a creepy reveal that’s just right.

It’s a classy and attractive looking package. Artist Trev Wood brings a deft, naturalistic style to proceedings. He rises to the challenge of bringing to life the large cast of humans, dwarves, forest creatures and imps. All look authentic and well realised. The more I see of Wood’s work, the better he gets. If this first issue is anything to go by, the sixth issue should be amazing!

A comic can be broken by bad or inappropriate colouring. Not the case here. The colour work by Anthonie Wilson is sublime. From darkened castle dungeons to sun-speckled forests, Wilson enhances Wood’s art perfectly.

Finally, writer Dale Maccanti (interviewed by the ACJ last year) let’s us know in some end notes of the first issue that he had approached Trev Wood to become involved in the project when he saw some early production art by Wood online. Maccanti seems to have relished the challenge of using these classic characters to forge a new tale, the timing of which couldn’t be more perfect in this Game of Thrones era of fantasy. But The Brothers Grimm came first, and this tale’s apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

And it isn’t poisoned.

The Kickstarter campaign for the first issue is live through October. Amazingly, this project has already met the funding target within 36 hours. An indicator that this series will be very popular indeed.

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