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Universe Gun is a psychedelic superhero sci-fi series from South Australian writer/artist Dr Mike 2000.

The second trade paperback is live on Kickstarter now, collecting single issues 5 to 8 in one volume, Book 2: Amazing Inequality.

Set in a 37th Century setting past its best, it tells the story of a group of rogue superhumans who get together to challenge the corrupt status quo, where superhuman powers are illegal (for the masses at least).

It’s packed with out-there science-fiction ideas and world-building. It features a core cast of eight characters, each with their own unique voice and story arc.
It’s a wildly original piece of work that really tries to inject something new into the superhero genre, while questioning many of it’s dominant tropes.

For example…

The Martian colony of New Mumbai is populated entirely by super-intelligent programmers powered by the food additive Red Orgone. They lead perfect lives with work/life partners chosen by the Great Database, a vast artificial intelligence that is growing at an exponential rate.

Venus Green is an ancient earth elemental who is found at the bottom of a waste tesseract used for off-dimensional toxic dumping. Her mission is not to save the world, but to reboot it after it gets destroyed! The very fact that she’s emerged again has a lot of people very worried.

The titular Universe Gun is a fictional weapon that destroys the entire universe of it’s subject. Superhumans are grown in virtual realities on the alien satellite called The Life Star, and woken from their fictional lives when the Universe Gun strikes them, and prints them out into the real world.
New readers can pick up Books 1 and 2 as a bundle, and t-shirts and mugs are available as well as the comics.

Both books contains over 100 pages of full-colour comics, and trading cards pages for characters with guest art by a growing number of Australian comic artists. The trade paperbacks have the high print production values you’d expect from Comic Books On Demand.

A third and final trade paperback will be out next year to complete the series.

The Kickstarter for Book 2 has a stretch goal to produce a 8 page mini-comic for all backers, tentatively titled The Emperor’s New Moon. This will be sent out digitally or physically to each backer, and will not get reprinted or posted online.

To find out more about Universe Gun, go to

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