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Some of you may know me from my previous work, the psych-horror graphic novel, The List, featured on this very site.

In all the time I’ve been producing The List I have been toiling away on a work in my most loved genre, fantasy. Toiling away for 6 years to be precise.

Coming up with an original take in such a populated (and popular) genre is difficult, so when I did, I latched onto it with both hands and began scribbling away, resulting in a 72 thousand word outline. Not script. Outline.

That outline has now been broken down into 15 separate issues, meaning the entire story will come in around the 400-500 page mark. True to its genre, The Battle for Arn has all the scope, grandeur and spectacle one would expect of fantasy, but with the most important of ingredients: heart.

Any writer creating a comic dreams of his words being brought to life exactly as he envisions them. In my case I have struck gold by having esteemed fantasy and comic artist Michal Dutkiewicz agree to illustrate my script. His works actually surpasses what I had envisioned.

Aside from his extensive illustrative pieces, Michal has worked the biggest superhero characters (Superman, Batman, Wolverine, Catwoman among others) for the biggest publishers (DC, Marvel).

Being a dad of two very small humans and having one of those delightful mortgage things, are expensive. I love my kids and my house so, as much as I’d like to funnel all my money into the realisation of this book, it would mean losing the house and my children starving to death. After much deliberation, I decided that wasn’t the way to go, and so I decided to launch a Patreon account.

For anywhere from $1 a month (25 cents a week!) to $20 a month, you could support the production of this comics and be the recipient of rewards (GOODIES!) exclusive to Patreon supporters, such as limited-edition copied of the comics, signed and framed prints, behind the scenes process posts and much more.

If you are fan of fantasy and delight in the thought of owning a 450-500 page epic fantasy comic that I have poured every ounce of my being into making sure is fresh, avoids clichés, blows you away with the spectacle of sieges, warring arch-sorcerers, intrigue, and massive battle scenes, while making you care for its characters as if you knew them personally, then please consider supporting us in the production of The Battle for Arn. We certainly intend on making our appreciation known:

Paul Bedford
Writer, The Battle for Arn

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