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Panels+Pixels: 17 September

A NEW APPROACH: On the 28th of September, publisher Finlay Lloyd are releasing a new companion series of books, Finlay Lloyd Smalls. “The project is unusual in that we have given each of the authors sixty pages to create a book and then worked with them with the sort of editorial and design care that is becoming rare in publishing.” Titles announced include Mandy Ord‘s NY and the first book from Natalia Zajaz, Nothing Ventured. Finlay Lloyd will be launching the first five books in its ‘flsmalls’ series on Thursday, 26 September at 6:30pm in Readings Carlton, 309 Lygon St, Carlton, Victoria.

YOU MAY HAVE MISSED: The first issue of Directors Series #1: Peter Jackson, written and illustrated by Clint Cure. The story of film director Peter Jackson and what lead up to the making of The Lord of the Rings. Each issue of the series by Cure plans to take a look at the early careers of some of the world’s most influential film directors.

MANDY-TORY WORKSHOP: The Emerging Writers’ Festival is proud to bring a graphic stories workshop to Yarra Ranges, 25 September.  Mandy Ord (she’s unstoppable) will demonstrate and teach the specific tools and methods used to explore the language of comics. Her workshop will be fun and hands on. For full details and booking, visit the website.

REVIEW: The Barely Original blog reviews Hayden Fryer‘s Darkest Night: Act One. Darkest Night: Act One and Darkest Night: Act Two are available digitally on ComiXology, or in print from the Siberian Productions website.

DIGITAL BROW-SE: The second issue of The Lifted Brow is available. The digital magazine is packed with the best contributions from both renowned and new writers and artists. Get the iPad/iPhone app on iTunes.

NOT COMICS, BUT…:  Steven Lochran‘s Vanguard Prime is an exciting, action-packed new superhero series for 10+, published by Penguin Books. Think ‘Alex Rider joins the X-men!’ Lochran writes: “The series has an international focus, as I wanted to set the characters on a large stage. That said, while it’s never explicitly addressed in the text, I imagine the main character, Sam Lee, to be Asian-Australian. If the series continues on long enough, I plan to set an adventure here that would involve the Dominion, the Australia-based superhero team.” Download a free eBook: Vanguard Prime: Red Alert from the Penguin website.

Featured artwork from Darkest Night: Act One © Hayden Fryer.

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