Sunday , August 20 2017

Panels + Papers & Pixels

Eight page preview of James Davidson’s Moa #3

Comics and Illustration: Andy Conlan tumblr

Alex Switzky at Milk Bar Mag on Gavin Aung Than’s Zen Pencils.

Illustration: Chris Wahl Blog


Webcomic: Sam Orchard’s Rooster Tails

Frank Santoro interviews Simon Hanselman at The Comic Journal

The monthly Melbourne comic creators meet-up held every first Saturday of the month rolls around this weekend. The meet-up Kicking off at 2pm at the Prince Alfred Hotel an 191 Grattan st, Carlton.all are welcome.

Melbourne,unofficial comics capital of Australia, also have a second comics meet-up happening in the South East region on the third Saturday of the month. First meet is 21st July. Details here.

Do you have a comic/cartooning event in your area? let me know and I’ll pimp you hard.

Nat Karmichael at ComicOz writes about Queensland Anthology Ashcan and ACT anthology Beginnings. While you are there if you haven’t already pick up a copy of Air Hawk and the Flying Doctor by John Dixon, edited by Karmichael. Air Hawk reprints  some of the fine adventure cartooning  Dixon produced for Australian newspapers and features extensive biographical notes.

Squishface Studios in Brunswick, Melbourne have their monthly drawing night tomorrow night. Bring your drawing implements and a gold coin for the piggybank, and then pull up a desk, stool, chair, clipboard, milk crate or whatever and get to it. Paper, pens and some unhealthy snacks will be available.

 Illustration and Comics: Ralphie

I wrote about Melbourne Oz Comic Con 2012 and have a comic folk gallery here. Melbourne cartoonists Ben Hutchings and David Blumenstein were lucky enough to ‘interview’ Oz Comic Con’s guest of honour Stan Lee for their podcast Comic Book Funny four years ago. Download Comic Book Funny here.

Steve Sparke and Ben Michael Byrne

Today’s column is brought to you by these mighty fine war paperbacks with John Dixon illustrated covers. Click for the embiggening.

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