2017 Ledger Awards Short List

By Ben Kooyman

This year I’ve had the privilege to serve as one of the six judges on the 2017 Ledger Awards Judging Panel. As part of my responsibilities, I’ve spent a good chunk of the past two months working through over 200 submissions from Australian creators. I’ll elaborate on that process in a future post, but in the meantime I’m pleased to share the 2017 Judges’ Short List.

The items on the 2017 Judges’ Short List are listed below in alphabetical order.

Amusing stories of photocopy toner on white parchment comics: Neale Blanden (self published)
The Ash Cloud Magazine: Gregory Mackay (self published)
Australi #1: Timothy Wood, writer; Pius Bak, artist (self published)
Burger Force Vol. 1: Jackie Ryan (Parentheses Press)
The Demon #1: Matt Kyme (self published)
The Disappearance of Melody Dean: Alexis Sugden (self published)
Double Negative: Scott Fraser (self published)
Fabled Kingdom Vol 2: Queenie Chan (Bento Books)
Hail #1-3: Miranda Richardson, writer/letterer/project manager; Rosanna Lam, lead artist/penciller/cover artist; Mala Kerr & Tom Murton, backgrounds penciller/inker/colourists; Maddy Deane, Rhianna Carr, Sarah Lloyd & Terri Arnold, inker/colourists; Ethan Robertson, inker; Sandeson Gonzaga, Jasmine Woolcock, Luke Bartholomew &Christopher Genovese, colourists; Philippa Lawrie, inker (self published)
Harry Potter and My Childhood Obsession: Georgina Chadderton (self published)
The Invisible War: A Tale on Two Scales: Ailsa Wild, writer; Ben Hutchings, illustrator; Briony Barr & Gregory Crocetti, creator/storyboarders; Dr. Jeremy Barr, co-writer (Scale Free Network)
Medicine Cabinet: Frank Candiloro (FrankenComics)
Monsters: Karen Beilharz, writer &artist; Peter Fairfax, Mike Barry, Kathleen Jennings, Greg Lamrock, René Pfitzner, Nathan Seabolt, Belinda Stead, Emma-Jean Stewart (EmmJ), Jordan Taia & Jemima Trappel, artists; Paul Wong-Pan, cover artist (self published)
Mr. Unpronounceable and the Infinity of Nightmares: Tim Molloy (Milk Shadow Books)
Negative Space: Ryan K Lindsay, script; Owen Gieni, art; Ryan Ferrier, letters (Dark Horse)
Past the Last Mountain #1-4: Louie Joyce, art & colours; Gannon Beck, layouts; Paul Allor, writer & letterer (Comics Experience)
Raw Feels: Leonie Brialey (self published)
Small Things: Mel Tregonning (Allen & Unwin)
The Spider King: Josh Vann, writer; Simone D’Armini, artist; Adrian Bloch, colourist; Nic J. Shaw, letterer (self published)
Winding up the Window: the End of the Australian Auto Industry: Sam Wallman (SBS online)

Congratulations to the shortlisted writers, artists and creators. Winners of the Gold, Silver and Bronze Ledger Awards will be announced on Friday 16 June. In the meantime, acquaint yourselves with the works listed above, some of the best comics published in Australia last year. We’ll review a number of these on Australian Comics Journal in the near future, and you can find already published reviews of Hail 1-3 (click here), Monsters (click here), Mr. Unpronounceable and the Infinity of Nightmares (click here), and Past the Last Mountain (click here).

Read the official announcement via the Ledger Awards blog.

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