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Welcome to the very first Matt’s Entertainment. I’m Matt Nicholls and I run a website called Indie Comic Previews. I’m known as the ‘Nicest Guy in Australian Comics’. It’s not just me saying it. You know what that means? It means everyone tells me everything. I’ll get all the dirt, like, did you know that Paul Bedford has written something else? Also, he wears the beanie because he has no hair. Yep. All the goss.

So it’s a new year which means lots of new and exciting things happening in independent comics. There’s one really new and exciting comic that I can’t wait to tell you all about. It’s a psycho thriller called Divine Comedy. The creators are Matthew Nicholls and Simon Wright. I had a quick chat with Matthew about this project…

Matt: Thanks for taking valuable time away from what you normally do to talk to me?

Matt: You’re more than welcome. I like to take any opportunity to have a chat with myself.

Matt: My readers follow me because I don’t beat around the bush, so let’s jump right in to the real nitty gritty. Why are you interviewing yourself? Why not talk to Simon?

Matt: Simon’s busy. He’s not allowed to do interviews. Just coz alright.

Matt: Is this just a blatant way to promote your own work?

Matt: Well… there may have been some drugging involved for me to get this spot. At least you know this isn’t a paid interview.

Matt: Well I guess you better tell us about your whatever you’re promoting.

Matt: It’s a graphic novel called Divine Comedy. It’s being published by Caliber Comics. It’s being released digitally early this year. It will soon be available in print through your local comic store, keep a look out.

Matt: OK. You’re boring me now.

Matt: Dude, you suck at this. Have you done this before?

Matt: No more questions.

Events: what’s going on in February?

If you’re in Melbourne on the 13th February then head on over to All Star Comics for I Heart Comics Launch launch.

Then the next day head on over to Sticky Institute’s Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair at Melbourne Town Hall, Sunday 14th.

If you are in Canberra you should go the inaugural ACAF: Australian Comics Arts Festival. It’s on the weekend 20th – 21st.

Gossip Corner:

The recent gossip in all things ‘Matt’. Did you know that Matty K (also known as Matthew Kyme) is not me. Matt keeps himself busy writing and illustrating That Bulletproof Kid.

Another Matt that I forget is an actual person is Matthew Dunn. He did Lonely Monsters through FEC. He’s keeping busy with a four issue creator owned project going through some Berlin publisher. Pfft. He’s also collaborating with every writer in Australia except me. Huh. And to think I send him monthly messages to make sure he’s still alive. Then he tries to make himself look good with some charity work with Meninadanca, a group battling child prostitution in Brazil.

On other Matt news, Matt Taylor is working on some more monster pieces. How clichéd. ‘Oh, look at me, I play in a heavy rock band. I have a cool wizard beard. I think I’ll do some horror pieces for a compilation’. What’s next? A comic about witches or something with David Goei? Get real, Matt.

Remember Matthew Hoddy? The one who co-created Space Pyrates with Caitlin Major and also Metalbeard? No. Me neither because he moved to the other side of the world. He’s dead to me now. I loved him and he broke my heart.

Don’t worry, I know you all are thinking ‘is everything you write going to be about Matts only?’ Well,

look at the title. Matt Emery will be in an anthology this month. It appears that he won’t even publish his own stuff so he’s getting his brother to publish it for him. Check it out here.

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Disclaimer: All views presented in Matt’s Entertainment! Indie Comic news and gossip with the ‘Nicest Guy in Australian Comics’ are purely of his own stupidity. Please direct all complaints to him.

Disclaimer Disclaimer: This is satire.

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