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In a nation famished by an epidemic of addiction to a magical drug, a young man on guard duty begrudgingly stands watch on the northwestern wall to his decrepit city, Mortra.

His world is in pieces. Magical technology has brought it to its knees. Resources are waning in the country of Autalia. The young man has little hope of a future for his nation or his own.

As if things could not worsen, a figure appears on the horizon. A giant on a black arc. The giant raises its hand and bursts forth a sinewy wave of hellspawn into reality. The young man, Demian, flees in terror. He is no hero. His survival and the tales of those he meets in this dying world are the core of Sovereign’s Dread. It is a tale of the confrontation of the shadow within and without, and there are certainly no guarantees of a happy ending.

Sovereign’s Dread is a dark fantasy epic set to span eight volumes at the time of this writing. It’s characters are deeply flawed and troubled. Along with Demian is Reiner, a powerful battlemage whose abilities are destroying his body at a terrifying rate. They also meet Leuna, a Dutchess of the neighboring country of the Hublin Dukedom, whose duties to her nation and people task her with impossible decisions in this time of strife.

Sovereign’s Dread explores themes present in our modern societies, but places them in a fantasy context for emphasis. Addiction, sovereignty over others and escalating technology are all central to the story but explored through the worlds magic.

The comic book/graphic novel is made completely by Adelaide Illustrator James Wilkinson. It is currently up to its third 100 page volume (of 8) and is currently campaigning for funding on Kickstarter now. The book is written and illustrated already, and James makes great effort to make each panel as dynamic and lifelike as possible.

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