Jesus Reloadeth’d: sayeth no more

Scarlette Baccini
One shot (22 pages)
Released: 2013

Okay. The back cover states:

In the beginning… God said “let there be FIGHT!”

So, you get a pissed off Jesus and Mary coming back to Earth to deal with hate-filled Christians, anal homophobes… even the Pope. Bombs, bazookas, war horses, Mother Mary swearing her box off like a drunken sailor…

Jesus-197x300It seems like writer/artist Scarlette Baccini wanted to get a few things off her chest. Yes, it’s all very irreverent and the humour stems from the juxtaposition of the Holy Duo’s actions seen against our usual perceptions of them. It’s short, to the point and very NSFW. Any longer than its compact 22 pages and Baccini may have overstayed her welcome, but she gets in there, has her fun, then finishes things up quickly.

Probably best known for her girl zombie character, Zombolette, Baccini brings the same self-assured look to this book. Behind a beautifully painted (or should I say, beatifically painted) cover, the black and white interiors are loose and fearless. She has a great sense of comic timing and the facial expressions in some panels are just priceless.

Your kms may vary as to how much you enjoy this subversive little one-shot. I enjoyed it a lot.

“Welcome to the new 3D swinefart… Dead, Dead, Dead.”

You can order the book direct from the Bathwater Books website
Or Milkshadow Books.

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