Creator Spotlight: Stephen Kok

Name: Stephen Kok
Town/State: Sydney NSW
Title/Publisher: Sigmate Studio

What comics formats do you work in?
I’m currently working in graphic novels as I like to tell single, discrete stories… although I’ve been thinking of sequels and some follow ups to some of them!

What is your skill area and role as a creator?
I love writing and telling a story. It’s been a long road from being able to take a concept and flesh out a full story out of it. Through this journey, I’ve dabbled in various writing styles from the three-act structures (i.e. Setup, Conflict & Resolution) to a Japanese story structure which may not have a central conflict in the story.

What are your major comics publishing credits so far?
Tabby (ISBN 9780994289902)
Tabby Sketchbook (ISBN 9780994289919)
5 Seconds (ISBN 9780994289926)
Blue (ISBN 9780994289933)

What is a favourite example of your own work?
Without a doubt, Tabby!

Why is it your favourite and what does it mean to you as a creator?
It’s my first work and a retelling of Romeo & Juliet with cats (unlike the Shakespearen tragedy though, all the cats survive). I procrastinated for the longest time before finishing it and once it’s done it provided the drive to do more!

Tabby has also been purchased by over 180+ public libraries across Australia and New Zealand. The thought that is being borrowed and enjoyed makes me very happy!

Why do you make comics? What do you think is the one reason you create?
To tell stories! I love the medium of comics that’s kind of halfway between a book and a movie. It’s a unique format and I love that it’s a collaboration between writer and artist.

What other Australian comics have you recently enjoyed?
The last Australian comic I read was Queenie Chan’s Fabled Kingdom. Queenie does some amazing work.

What project/book are you working on at the moment?
I’m finishing my latest graphic novel, Word Smith. Word Smith is a steampunk fantasy adventure where words can “literally” come to life! Word Smith received a grant from Creative Partnerships Australia and I’m looking forward to getting its first print run completed.

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