Name: Aly Faye
Town/State: Queensland
Role: Writer / artist / Publisher

What comics formats do you work in?
I’m working traditionally and digitally at the moment. Most of my work is available in hard copy. I started out doing web comics which I’m thinking of getting back into.

What is your skill area and role as a creator?
I do pencils / inks / colours/ covers and some writing. I also do character concepts.

What are your major comics publishing credits so far?
Factor 8, Lard, Golden Age. Some anthologies – McBlack, The Smiling Damned, The Sixsmiths, HBVD, Decay, kids comic shorts in K-Zone.

What is a favourite example of your own work?
I like the recent work I’ve done with Factor 8.

Why is it your favourite and what does it mean to you as a creator? 
Coming on as replacement artist meant I had find a style that emulated the original art while still making it my own. Being a noir grey scale book, I’ve had to over come my reluctance to use heavy blacks which has been challenging but the results have been rewarding.

Why do you make comics?
I ask myself that all time. Obviously, not for the money! I love story telling, film and t.v. I pay a lot of attention to the cinematography, how it’s used to set mood and tone and I love adapting that to the comic medium. I hope to one day have a comic story of my owned optioned for T.V.

What do you think is the one reason you create?
I believe the Arts are an important tool for documenting the times, delivering social commentary and providing an avenue for escapism… and also, I must appease the voices in my head.

What other Australian comics have you recently enjoyed?
Loving Paul Caggegi’s Homebased webcomic, Killeroo and anything Rachel Ang.

What project/book are you working on at the moment?
Icarus Rising , Factor 8 #3, An Indigenous story,  and a few other smaller film and media projects, as well as some political art.

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Aly Faye has launched a Patreon page.

Credits from the top:
Aly Faye.
Factor 8 #2, art by Aly Faye, script by Drew Close, adapted from a novel by Ian Rivlin.
Unlettered page from
Icarus, art by Aly Faye.

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