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Creator Snapshot October: Dale Maccanti

Name: Dale Maccanti

Town/State: Victoria


Title/Publisher: Editor/White Cat Press

What comics format do you work in?

Comic books, webcomics and graphic novels.

What is your skill area and role as a creator?

Writer, editor, letterer and publisher.

What are your major comics publishing credits so far?

The Misadventures of Peter Pumpkinhead, Ink Tales and Yuck! Number Seven.

What is a favourite example of your own work?

To date I would have to say my webcomic The Many Misadventures of Peter Pumpkinhead. I worked alongside over 100 Australian artists to create a continuous story based around my character Peter Pumpkinhead. Getting the opportunity to work with some of my artistic heroes like Chris Wahl, Tim Molloy, Tim McEwen and Bruce Mutard was incredibly humbling. I also really enjoyed working with emerging artists and hopefully passing on some pearls of wisdom.

The story is finished for now but there’s something really big around the corner for Peter Pumpkinhead. I need to keep tight-lipped about it but I’m sure the will hear all about it soon.

Why do you make comics? What do you think is the one reason you create?

 I do believe I’m happiest when there’s a story bubbling over in my mind and I can’t sleep because I need to write everything down before it vanishes into the ether. Originally my creative pursuits were focused around screenwriting but I could never truly capture my vision with a low-budget short film, so I turned to comics as an affordable alternative.

It’s definitely been a lot harder than I originally thought to create comics and getting them into the public’s hands. Nonetheless, creating stories is what I love to do and seeing people enjoy my comics is a thrill I’ll never give up on.

What other Australian comics have you recently enjoyed? Why were they particularly enjoyable?

I know it’s not technically a comic but I want to highlight it anyway, Axel and Beast Volume 1 and Volume 2 just came out. It’s a children’s novel with illustrations by Ink Tales artist, Andrew Isaac. There are just over a dozen illustrations in Volume 1; most are panels, some splash pages and double-spread illo’s. The reason why I want to highlight it is because more and more kids books are incorporating pictures throughout. Most Australian comic artists unfortunately can’t make a living off comics alone and I think this could be an exciting new opportunity for our community of artists. Looking forward to picking up Volume 3.

What’s in store for the future?

I’ve got a few books on the go at the moment, seven to be exact, but the project I’m most excited about is After the Snow. Trevor Wood and I have been working on it for about four years now and we should be bringing issue 1 to Kickstarter by the end of the year! It’s a graphic novel set 15 years after Snow White defeated her evil stepmother and married her prince charming. Did she live happily ever after?

Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out.

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