Cleverman: Indigenous Superhero comes to comics

Gestalt Comics in conjunction with Goalpost Pictures are delighted to announce that, following the success of CLEVERMAN in Australia and the USA, a comic series that expands the story world established by the TV series is also in production.

The comics, written by Cleverman creator Ryan Griffen and Wolfgang Bylsma, tell new stories set in the world established in the TV series. The advance printing of Cleverman #1, with artwork by Emily Smith,  sold out in just three weeks, with special signings at popular culture conventions around Australia.

Set in the near future, Cleverman is an original drama rooted in Aboriginal mythology. The series depicts a deeply conflicted and anxious society, fearful of a minority group, endowed with extraordinary physical traits, living among them. One young man – The Cleverman – struggles with his own power and the responsibility to unite this divided world.

Cleverman presents such a rich narrative world,” said Bylsma. “There are so many opportunities to extend the storytelling in compelling directions that serves to enhance people’s engagement with the TV series as well as working as stand-alone stories of substance, in this compelling and politically-charged science-fiction setting.”

“I have a huge love of superheroes and comics. It got me thinking about creating something cultural that my young son could connect to on a superhero basis,” said Griffen. “I wanted to bring something Aboriginal, Indigenous, to that world.”

The Cleverman comic series will be available in print as well as in digital formats, with Australian distribution through Gestalt Comics and international distribution currently in negotiations.

From the press release.
Front cover artwork by Emily Smith.

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