Thursday , August 17 2017


June Creator Snapshot: Owen Heitmann

Name: Owen Heitmann Town/State: Adelaide, South Australia Website/Blog: Title/Publisher Various What comics formats do you work in? I first published comic strips in a local community newsletter, then began contributing to other people’s comic books before publishing my own, which I followed up with my first webcomic. Later …

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Universe Gun: kickstarter and mini-tour

Interview by Anthony N. Castle Universe Gun started life as a webcomic in 2013, the creation of writer/physicist/programmer Dr Mike 2000. Universe Gun is a love letter to the superhero comics of the 70s and 80s with a hefty dose of futurism, physics, programming and politics. Dr Mike recently launched …

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March Creator Snapshot: Georgina Chadderton

Name: Georgina Chadderton Town/State: Adelaide Website/Blog: Title/Publisher: Harry Potter and My Childhood Obsession / Self-published ADL—> MEL / Self-published Alright Ghost Fans / Self-published My Time In The Gong / Self-published Come To My Show / Self-published Let’s Roll / Self-published Poster Girls/Cheating Fate (2-in-1 flip-book with Owen Heitmann) …

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Banksia Project: interview with Alisha Jade

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Interview by Anthony N. Castle The Banksia Project has worked in conjunction with Supanova Pop Culture Expo to showcase female comic creators at conventions here in Australia and is now transitioning to a mentoring program. Six recipients will be chosen for coaching and feedback in a year-long skills development program. …

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Australian Comics Journal radio spot: November

Anthony N. Castle speaks to Radio Adelaide’s Arts Breakfast about his latest work, Dappled… Australian Comics Journal editor Anthony N. Castle is also a working comics creator, collaborating with artist Chadwick Ashby on such titles as Dead Ends, Redwood, and Rag Doll. Is his November appearance on Radio Adelaide’s Arts …

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