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REVIEW: Courier #0

Courier #0 The Adventures of Geraldine Barker Story and Art: Angie Spice Dialogue and Historical Advisor: Helen Strickland MANGA SENSIBILITIES COMBINED WITH AUSTRALIAN FICTIONAL HISTORY…. AND IT WORKS. Here is an unpopular opinion in 2018: I cannot stand Manga, Anime, or anything similar. I am not sure why this is. …

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REVIEW: Wrath of the Cursed #1

WRATH OF THE CURSED #1 Art & Story: Matt Kyme Strong Family themes hit a note with all of us when reading a new comic book, watching a new television show, catching a new movie at the cinema, or even listening to a new radio drama podcast. The fact is …

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KILLEROO: GANGWARS #5 Story: RW Adams, Cameron Laird, Lucas Testro, Darren Close Art: Dean Giles, RW Adams, Mike Foxall, Adam Rose, Paul Abstruse Out of Ozone Studios comes another issue of creator Darren Close’s KILLEROO GANGWARS featuring everyone’s favourite ultra violent marsupial-humanoid Rufus as he deals with feuding Biker Gangs. …

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Bolt Comics Presents 3 launching at Comic Gong!

Andrew Tribe, publisher and one of the creative team behind Bolt Comics writes: Bolt Comics Presents #3 will be launched at Comic Gong on the 19th of May! This special 5th anniversary issue was crowd-funded thanks to the support of our recent Kickstarter backers. Bolt Comics Presents #3 launches a …

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