Thursday , August 17 2017


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Kickstarter: Space Copx: Cereal Zombies

SPACE COPZ is an all-age sci-fi comic about space exploration and keeping the futuristic city of Mercury Plains safe from galactic monsters, the forces of evil and schoolyard bullies. Join our hero Sgt. Alpha Omega and his loyal sidekick, Beta Boy as they roam the universe; saving one planet at a time.

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June Creator Snapshot: Owen Heitmann

Name: Owen Heitmann Town/State: Adelaide, South Australia Website/Blog: Title/Publisher Various What comics formats do you work in? I first published comic strips in a local community newsletter, then began contributing to other people’s comic books before publishing my own, which I followed up with my first webcomic. Later …

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News: 2017 Ledger Awards Short List

By Ben Kooyman This year I’ve had the privilege to serve as one of the six judges on the 2017 Ledger Awards Judging Panel. As part of my responsibilities, I’ve spent a good chunk of the past two months working through over 200 submissions from Australian creators. I’ll elaborate on …

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Review: The Last Paper Route #1–2

Mikey Williams and his buddy Arv are paperboys, delivering copies of The Quotidian Harbinger to finance their comic shop expenditure. A new delivery opportunity arises in route A2-DCB, the biggest delivery district in Harbour City. However, Mikey and Arv soon discover the district is brimming with eccentric characters, dangerous turns, and mystery surrounding the disappearance of the last A2-DCB paperboy.

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Review: Hail #4-5

Hail is a superhero comic about Lena, a woman who crumbles into shards of glass whenever she experiences anxiety. After a violent confrontation with a serial killer, Lena begins to question her ability to fight crime on top of her basic daily responsibilities.

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