Friday , December 15 2017

Anthony N. Castle

June Creator Snapshot: Owen Heitmann

Name: Owen Heitmann Town/State: Adelaide, South Australia Website/Blog: Title/Publisher Various What comics formats do you work in? I first published comic strips in a local community newsletter, then began contributing to other people’s comic books before publishing my own, which I followed up with my first webcomic. Later …

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Universe Gun: kickstarter and mini-tour

Interview by Anthony N. Castle Universe Gun started life as a webcomic in 2013, the creation of writer/physicist/programmer Dr Mike 2000. Universe Gun is a love letter to the superhero comics of the 70s and 80s with a hefty dose of futurism, physics, programming and politics. Dr Mike recently launched …

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Bazza the Bogan Barbarian on kickstarter

Bazza the Bogan Barbarian, and the drop bears Thriller and Killer, defend the family homestead in Australian Alien Invasion… Meet Bazza the Bogan Barbarian; he barracks for Souths Sydney, he loves his Vegemite, he dunks his meat pies in beer and he smashed zombies for six with a Bradman bat …

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March Creator Snapshot: Georgina Chadderton

Name: Georgina Chadderton Town/State: Adelaide Website/Blog: Title/Publisher: Harry Potter and My Childhood Obsession / Self-published ADL—> MEL / Self-published Alright Ghost Fans / Self-published My Time In The Gong / Self-published Come To My Show / Self-published Let’s Roll / Self-published Poster Girls/Cheating Fate (2-in-1 flip-book with Owen Heitmann) …

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HAIL #4-5 launch at Greenlight Comics

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Hail creative team is celebrating the print launch of Hail Issues 4-5, held at Greenlight Comics in Adelaide on February 11th, 2pm-6pm… Hail is a superhero comic about Lena, a woman who crumbles into shards of glass whenever she experiences anxiety. After a violent confrontation with a serial killer, Lena begins to …

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Australi #1 now free

Join the adventure of Australi, a fantasy tale of danger and mystery. One boy, Maloo of the desert, is prophesised to save Australi and its people from a dark force. An ancient being, shrouded in arcane magic, stowed away in the cargo of the great empires ships, lying in wait …

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