Funny Animals Shenanigans

Funny Animals Shenanigans »

Four fun funny animals have fun for all the right reasons.

Working Hard, 24 Hours »

An absolutely delightful read, with stacks of cuteness and adorable characters.

The Progress Worked »

As an “exercise” and a “work in progress” Christopher Downes’ comic book diary is a wonderful journey that turns out out be an end as well as a means.

The Horror in the Withheld »

Another of Bobby.N’s wonderful pre-Digested books, stretching the tension all the way through to it’s last page.

Escape, the beginning »

It’s hard not to sing Bobby Nenadovic’s praises and just about all of his current strengths are evident in this early work.

Not so Straight or Strait »

“Based on a true story”, this superbly drawn collection of daily strip format comics may have a loose grip on logic, but it looks the goods and is great fun to boot!

More Romance Down the Telephone Line »

Offering more telephonic shenanigans through The Mini Comic of the Month Club, Andrew Fulton gives us a sequel that isn’t really.

Good is Good »

This emotion-laden autobiographical short from Andrew Fulton invites you in and packs a punch.

What Would Jesus Hit? »

Asking the age-old question “Who would win in a fight: Norris or Jesus?” this mini proves it’s the reader who wins.

A mystical bend, not just in the limbs

A mystical bend, not just in the limbs »

Tim bought a few more mini comics from Andrew Fulton recently, and the first of these reviewed here is possibly his best yet. A strong emotional punch from this romantic tale with a mystical turn.