Review: Hail

Review: Hail »

Amy Maynard reviews Hail

Review: Three Words

Review: Three Words »

Amy Maynard reviews Three Words

The Comic Spot: reviews

The Comic Spot: reviews »

The Comic Spot looks at Blood and Thunder Vol 2, Mr Unpronounceable Adventures from Tim Molloy and Strange Behaviour from Marijka Gooding.

Funny Animals Shenanigans

Funny Animals Shenanigans »

Four fun funny animals have fun for all the right reasons.

Breathing the Oxygen

Breathing the Oxygen »

A wonderfully deep breath of cartoons, comics and more from Bobby.N in this heftier and diverse edition of Digested.

Working Hard, 24 Hours »

An absolutely delightful read, with stacks of cuteness and adorable characters.

Digested Degusted »

Finally sinking his nib into an attempt at serialised publishing, Bobby.N’s Digested.01 is a great taster.

The Progress Worked »

As an “exercise” and a “work in progress” Christopher Downes’ comic book diary is a wonderful journey that turns out out be an end as well as a means.

The Horror in the Withheld »

Another of Bobby.N’s wonderful pre-Digested books, stretching the tension all the way through to it’s last page.

Worth its Weight in Platinum »

First publish in the mid 90s, Platinum Grit is still one of the best comics ever to come out of Australia. Collected here by Image Comics’ Shadowline imprint.