Panels+Pixels: news and events, 7 October

Panels+Pixels: news and events, 7 October »

The Australian Comics Journal now has a Events Calendar. Upcoming events are shown at right. The main menu link at left will take

Big Arse Comics Launch #3: the comics »

The Melbourne comics community is hosting its third annual Big Arse Book Launch. This year they will be launching fifteen (15) new works created by authors from around Australia and New Zealand. Here’s the run-down…

More Romance Down the Telephone Line »

Offering more telephonic shenanigans through The Mini Comic of the Month Club, Andrew Fulton gives us a sequel that isn’t really.

Good is Good »

This emotion-laden autobiographical short from Andrew Fulton invites you in and packs a punch.

A mystical bend, not just in the limbs

A mystical bend, not just in the limbs »

Tim bought a few more mini comics from Andrew Fulton recently, and the first of these reviewed here is possibly his best yet. A strong emotional punch from this romantic tale with a mystical turn.

Being Mini and Getting Big

Being Mini and Getting Big »

The last in this batch of three from Andrew Fulton continues the lovely cartooning and puerile subject matter.

Dip Pen Dalliance

Dip Pen Dalliance »

Condoms and washes. Perhaps even more preposterous than usual, but you just have to go with it.

Poignant and Pooey

Poignant and Pooey »

Another batch of three Andrew Fulton minis has been read by Tim, and he can’t help but bang on about them. The first hereā€¦

Not Phoning It In

Not Phoning It In »

Rounding out the reviews of Andrew Fulton’s first three mini-comics with this, another perplexing pleasure.

Whimsically Cautionary

Whimsically Cautionary »

A fluffy bit of wonderful nonsense or a loopy cautionary tale from Andrew Fulton?