Panels+Pixels: news and events

Panels+Pixels: news and events »

Deep Park book launch! Unmasked! Home Brew Vampire Bullets! More!

Comics Masterclass: Paying it forward…

Comics Masterclass: Paying it forward… »

Anthony N. Castle talks to Julie Ditrich about the comic script assessment service, Comic Masterclass, and Aussie comics.

GRAPHIC 2013: 4-7 October

GRAPHIC 2013: 4-7 October »

The Sydney Opera House announces the 4th GRAPHIC Festival. A weekend of graphic storytelling, animation and music.

Panels+Pixels: 17 September

Panels+Pixels: 17 September »

Australian comics new from around the traps for 17 September.

Panels+Pixels: 10 September

Panels+Pixels: 10 September »

ALL STAR BOOK LAUNCH! Divine Comedy by Matt Nichols (writer) and Simon A. Wright (artist) From Above by Craig

Mini Review: Pond Scum

Mini Review: Pond Scum »

The first Mini Comic of the Month Club release for 2013/14 has been unleashed. Neil Sanders’ POND SCUM.

Frank Candiloro: Skillz 2 Pay The Billz

Frank Candiloro: Skillz 2 Pay The Billz »

Frank Candiloro speaks candidly about what it takes to be a comic book creator in Australia. The transcript of his talk at last weekend’s ZICS.

Panels+Pixels: 2 September

Panels+Pixels: 2 September » has an article by cartoonist Pat Grant titled “Why The Creators Of Breaking Bad Don’t Deserve Our Money”. The article

Support: Balaclava Junction

Support: Balaclava Junction »

Support the Indiegogo campaign for Balaclava Junction, a graphic anthology of true stories set in Melbourne’s Jewish community.

Go, read: Kill Your Darlings on Sam Wallman

Go, read: Kill Your Darlings on Sam Wallman »

Pepi Ronalds from the Killings blog over at the fantastic KillYOurDarlings web site, sits down with Melbourne cartoonist Sam Wallman and